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Mission of HunPedNet

Mission statement

Children are facing well-known difficulties in therapy: many medicines are used off-label in the absence of real alternatives. Parents and paediatricians set up a claim for special needs of development of medicines Paediatric diseases are different from those of adults or run on a different way. The dosage, the formulation and the way of administration of medicines and the spectrum of adverse reactions are also different in growing children than in adults. Most of the vaccines are administered by paediatricians to prevent serious infectious diseases in children.

Hungarian Primary Care Paediatricians’ Research Network (HunPedNet) was created with the aim of obtaining new medicines, formulas and vaccines for Hungarian children via facilitating conducting clinical trials in children. The Hungarian Primary Care Paediatrician Association supported and gave his traditional platform for the first step of the Network.

There are 1.8 million children living in Hungary, and 1.2 million of them are treated by primary care paediatricians.

Our network consists of almost one hundred primary care paediatricians (the number is continuously growing) responsible for the attention of 80 thousand children from all the country. The map below shows the geographical distribution of network’s primary care paediatrician members:


Almost 60% of the members are specialized in one or two of 20 different areas of medicine (other than paediatrics), such as:


pulmonology school doctor clinical pharmacology
intensive therapy specialist of infectious diseases psychotherapy / mental health hygiene
neonatology dermatology lipidology license
immunology nephrology diabetology license
allergology haematology rehabilitation
cardiology gastroenterology CRA
radiology sports medicine


Our members took part in 114 clinical trials; some are very experienced. Clinical trials is conducted according to GCP and comply with EU Directive 2001/20/EC on Clinical Trials. The Hungarian and European data protection regulation is followed. We keep ethical considerations for clinical trials on medicinal products conducted with the paediatric population. Clinical trials can be conducted based on approval of independent ethics committee with paediatric expertise.

Relations of HunPedNet are widespread, we collaborate with MCRN Hungary, HECRIN, patient organisations, with paediatric clinical research networks, with CROs. HunPedNet is a member of the Enpr-EMA (European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency) as well.

We hope for a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration with your network/organization/company in the future. Do not hesitate to contact us via

Edina Stunya MD
HunPedNet chair woman