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Our Mission

The main goal of MCRN-Hungary is to make paediatric clinical trials in Hungary easier, faster and more efficient. This will include facilitating Hungarian participation in international paediatric clinical research.

MCRN-Hungary was founded in 2013, according to international examples, in order to coordinate activities of paediatric researchers and investigators at national level.

It is a well known fact, that -due to special requirements- the number of paediatric clinical research trials are very low and to increase the number of well designed pediatric studies is very important. The role of networks is absolutely crucial in this, as they can help

  • paediatricians to become investigators;
  • to develop appropriate investigational protocols, justified from special paediatric point of view.

Who will be the final winner? Certainly the sick children!

  • less off-label use
  • age specific drug formulas
  • more accurate, age –adapted doses
  • comprehensive treatment of childhood specific illnesses.